Diamond City Government and Services

Diamond City has a mayor/city council form of government with six council members. The council meets in the Diamond City Community Center on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7PM.

Public Works

Email: dirpubwks@diamondcity.net

Diamond City Community Center


Diamond City Population
Diamond City Chamber of Commerce

Diamond City - City Hall

 232 Grand Ave, Diamond City

Police Department

The Diamond City Police Department employees 2 full-time officers.

232 Grand Ave, Diamond City

Boone County Sheriff's Department:
5800 Law Drive, Harrison
Boone County Sheriff's Website

Volunteer Fire Department

The Diamond City Volunteer Fire Department has 15 volunteers and a fire rating of 6.
P.O. Box 1243, Diamond City, AR

County Seat

The Boone County seat is located in Harrison. The County/Circuit Clerk is responsible for all county business services, marriage licenses, ordinances, and county public records.

100 North Main, Harrison
County Website

City Services

Diamond City's water source is the Ozark Mountains Public Water Authority. The storage capacity for the city is 200,000 gallons. Pumping capacity is 300 GPM. On an average day, 48,000 gallons are used. (Rates as of April 2019)

Water rates are:

$15.76 per 1,000 gallons
$14.00 Minimum Charge
First 2,000 gallons (water) ... $14.01 (Minimum Charge)
Next 2,000 gallons (per 1,000 gallons) ... $6.49
Excess of 4,000 gallons (per 1,000 gallons) ... $5.46
$16.68 Residential Rate
$18.95 Residential Polycart Rate

For additional information about Diamond City water, sewer services and sanitation services, please contact the Diamond City Department of Public Works, 870.422.7177 or City Hall at 870.422.7212.

Electric utility service is provided by Entergy. Call 800.368.3749

Diamond City is one of the first communities in north central Arkansas with 100% Fiber-to-the-Home access provided by Northern Arkansas Telephone Company (NATCO). Phone and Internet services are provided through a dedicated FTTH connection with Internet speeds capable of 1Gbps download and upload.

For more information, please contact NATCO at 800.775.6682 or www.natconet.com.

Natural gas service is not available. Butane and/or propane are available from several companies, including:

AmeriGas 870.741.8495
Titan Propane (formerly Empire Gas) 870.741.5666
Ozark County Gas 870.425.2737
Pioneer Propane Co. 870.427.3271
Anderson's Propane 800.789.5549